What to Do When Injured By a DUI Driver

injury from DUI

Driving under the influence or DUI is one of the primary reasons behind traffic related bodily injuries. These injuries involve those inside vehicles or those outside walking on the road as pedestrians. The question then is this: what are the things that you must do when you get injured by a driver under the influence? In most incidents, the driver will be scared and flee the scene, not even bothering to check the amount of injury that the person has experienced. Although there are high penalties for this kind of behavior, many drivers with DUI believe they can get away with it. This has caused an increase in related accident with DUI drivers.

You need to provide proof of the accident. The first thing you need to do according any Orlando personal injury lawyer is that you need to prove the accident happened, and that you were not at fault. If the driver just speeds off, you need to report the incident to the nearest police station as soon as possible. If you are able to get any details about the driver and the vehicle write it down or take a mental note so that when you file the complaint form, you can have enough details to help the police identify the suspect. If you get enough details, the police may be able to locate the suspect in just a few minutes after your report the incident.

You need to research previous DUI violations. As soon as you get the name of the suspect, there is another thing you need to do quickly. You need to research if the person has previous DUI violations. If this proves to be true then you have a bigger chance of a conviction and being awarded compensation. Previous DUI violations can work against the erring suspect and will put them in a difficult situation where they will need to plead guilty to the charges. Otherwise, the police can add additional charges against them.

You have rights as the injured party. Every Orlando personal injury attorney believes that as the injured party you have all the rights and you are in a position to make demands to the suspect driver with DUI. The law protects those who are victims of accidents that result in injury. More so the government protects those who get injured by drivers with DUI. There are penalties for those drivers with DUIs, even if they do not get involved in an accident. The penalties multiply many times over if they get involved in an accident that injures an individual or group of individuals.

You may need help from a criminal lawyer. Having the right type of help will get you a long way when confronted with a situation where a driver with DUI is involved. Since the other party will also hire a lawyer as a matter of individual right, an experienced criminal lawyer will be able to get you into a stage where a conviction and a favorable decision is the sure outcome. This is one reason why you need help from an Orlando personal injury attorney.