How to Care For Your Wood Fence

caring for wood fence

Wood fences can be a beautiful and stylish way of providing your home a boarder, keeping your children in and keeping stray animals away. But the problem is wooden fences may rot away over time if not properly maintained. The following are some tips on how you will be able to make your fences last a lot longer. Newly constructed houses typically use redwood or cedar made fences; these are the kinds of materials that are more resistant than any other wood fencing. In purchasing wood to build fences, you should opt for pressure treated wood. Pressure treated wood is more resistant to rot when underground and exposed to moist dirt.

Wooden fences are typically passed through milling where they are treated chemically for bug and water resistance. These kinds of chemicals are not that strong and should not cause you to worry. The reason why pickets do not need to undergo pressure treatment is they will be only above the ground. It is given for an instance that around a year after the fences have been installed, wood materials may split, dry and warp, and gradually, the fences may be starting to lean, lasting on average about a decade. Just so to keep them from rotting and damage, you may seal it with preservatives similar to car waxing, this leaves a thin layer of invisible protection to protect the wood from any damaging substances, even water.

Preservatives and some water repellents are available at any home improvement store. There are a lot of sealant options to choose from, including water repellents. You may consider exterior stains also as sealants; the color may complement your house exterior. Remember that sealants are not necessary when the wood has already been pressure treated. Prevent your fences from getting wet when you’re watering the plants because they will get damaged easily when exposed to water. Also keep away plants like vines, they may absorb moisture from your fences, making it dry and prone to cracks.

Protect your fences with landscaping, make sure to measure exact distance and spaces when putting up landscapes, and when gardening, avoid planting trees and flowers near your fence. To ensure that your fence lasts for many years, there are a few things that you should do on a regular basis. Regular painting and repairing may give you a lasting durability of your fences, for these fences play an important role in every home. They may be wooden or steel; it doesn’t matter, as long as they are always in good condition to guard your house from any threats outside most especially at night. You may also visit your local orlando residential fencing company for regular maintenance and tips.