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autumn weather is often glorious

In the ever expanding Sunbelt, autumn weather is often glorious. By November, Christmas shopping season arrives nationwide. Non football watchers are more likely to be found in a park or a mall than in front of a family’s second TV set. I introduce myself as a journalist to one of the combat booted men standing sentry. His reluctance to talk is palpable. He looks at me through lowered lashes and keeps turning around as if he hopes someone else will come take over.

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He stopped making eye contact

His verbal skills withered. He stopped making eye contact. I’d drop him off at his preschool and hang back to observe him without letting him see me the way my dad used to do with me. So look: You only have two teams to worry about now to keep this designation. So many, we just lose track. Do the Galaxy count in this? They should.

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